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[15 Nov 2017 | Comments Off on Article on Unconventional Ways to Use GalleryPouch Bags on the Blog | ]

I just had a chance to read a great article on unconventional ways to use GalleryPouch™ bags that was recently posted on the blog page at As the inventor of the product (and co-developer with Mark Rogers, President of Frame Destination), I use GalleryPouch™ bags for all sorts of things, including protecting large LED monitors when I bring them to workshops that I teach.

If you’d like to take a look at the article, Visit This Page.

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[11 Oct 2014 | Comments Off on GalleryPouch is Celebrating Five Years with a Special Offer | ]

Just over five years ago I proposed a new product to Mark Rogers of Frame Destination, based in Dallas, TX. Fast forward five years, and more than 20,000 custom GalleryPouch™ bags have been produced. I often get compliments on GalleryPouch™ bags from artists and others who use the bags on a consistent basis, for which I’m very grateful. You can read the press release here for the 5 Year Celebration announcement, and for more information or to find the $5 off Gift Certificate code, visit the Frame Destination website at

Mark Rogers (left) and Andrew Darlow (right) in New York City in October, 2009 when the GalleryPouch™ line was launched

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[2 Jul 2013 | Comments Off on $5 GalleryPouch Gift Certificate Codes Available Through 7/31/2013 | ]

After creating $12,000 in digital and printed gift certificates for an April/May GalleryPouch™ celebration of the 12,000th GalleryPouch™ sold, is repeating the giveaway. New and existing customers can take $5 off any GalleryPouch™ bag until 7/31 with coupon code GPSALE5 .

GalleryPouch™ w/ Flap does not have a Velcro© -brand closure, and GalleryPouch™ w/ Velcro® – brand closure has both sides of a Velcro® -brand hook and loop attached to the flap so that you can customize the size of the bag as shown above in the animation to the right of the main video. Here’s a link to the page where you can learn more about and/or buy the product.

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[8 Apr 2013 | Comments Off on Celebrates 12,000 GalleryPouch(tm) Bags Sold with a Special $12,000 Giveaway | ]

We’re very happy to announce that Frame Destination recently produced and shipped its 12,000th GalleryPouch™ bag! This is an especially proud moment for me, Andrew Darlow, since it means that a product that I needed and that I helped develop has helped many others. Below is the press release for the announcement and a copy of the e-gift certificate. The promo code to save $5 on any GalleryPouch™ bag at is “GPSALE,” and it expires on 5/31/2013 (click to view it larger and to see any terms for its use):

Frame Destination Inc. today announced that it produced and sold 12,000 GalleryPouch™ premium bubble bags since the company launched its GalleryPouch™ line in late 2009. To mark the milestone, the company has made $12,000 in e-gift certificates available for new and existing customers via a special discount code.

Mark Rogers, founder and President of Frame Destination says: “We’re overjoyed to have reached this milestone for our line of GalleryPouch™ bags, and we’re very happy to be able to extend a special offer for our clients in April and May.”

GalleryPouch™ premium bubble bags are heavyweight bags made from 3/16-inch polyethylene that is smooth on both sides. The product was invented by photographer, author and consultant Andrew Darlow, and co-developed by Andrew Darlow and Mark Rogers after much research and testing. Darlow notes: “I feel very fortunate to have partnered with Mark Rogers and Frame Destination to develop the GalleryPouch™ line. What began as a something that I needed to protect my own work and the artwork of my clients has become a product that has been used to protect thousands items, from framed or stretched pieces of art to a host of other products. It gives me much satisfaction to know that I’ve been able to help many others solve the very common problem of being able to quickly and easily protect artwork, electronics, etc. with a bag fit to size, while still being able to see the internal contents.”

GalleryPouch™ is available in two options: GalleryPouch™ w/ Velcro®-brand Closure and GalleryPouch™ w/ Flap. GalleryPouch™ w/ Velcro®-brand Closure premium bubble bags have an adjustable self-adhesive Velcro® sealing option. This option allows the customer to custom-tailor the height of the bag. GalleryPouch™ w/ Flap is identical to GalleryPouch™ w/ Velcro®, but does not have a Velcro®-brand closure. Customers can easily seal the bag with packing tape or other fastener.

Frame Destination has made $5 e-gift certificates available to new and existing customers in the form of a special discount code that can be redeemed on Frame Destination’s website. The company has made the code valid until 5/31/2013 or after 2400 uses.

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[4 Nov 2010 | Comments Off on Recent Testimonial and Photo from a California-based Artist | ]


We recently received the following testimonial and photo from Mark Gottlieb, a Santa Cruz, CA-based artist who had this to say about the GalleryPouch™ Gold w/ Flap : “I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with your product. I show many 32″x42″ framed work at shows, and the pouches are perfect protection.  Also they show others that I have a high level of professionalism. You obviously do too. I have driven my framed work in your pouches all the way to Colorado and back, with no damage. The attached photograph (above) is of  20-32″x42″ framed work, ready to go out to my next show.”

Thank you Mark for taking time to let us know how you feel about GalleryPouch™ bags!

To see Mark Gottlieb’s work, visit his site here.