GalleryPouch™ FAQs

1. What are Gallerypouch™ Premium Bubble Bags?

Gallerypouch™ is the product name of a premium line of bubble bags made by Frame Destination, Inc. of Dallas, TX.

There are two main products: Gallerypouch™ w/Velcro®, which comes with a flap and an adjustable Velcro® strip, and Gallerypouch™ w/Flap, which comes with a flap for you to choose how you would like to close the Gallerypouch™. Common items to use include packing tape or hook and loop material similar to that used on the Gallerypouch™ w/Velcro® (containing a rubber-based adhesive).

2. Where Can I Buy Gallerypouch™ Bags?

Gallerypouch™ bubble bags are produced and sold by Frame Destination, Inc., based in Dallas, TX. For more information or to order, visit this page on FrameDestination.com.

3. What Sizes of Gallerypouch™ Are Available?

There are more than 100 standard sizes of both Gallerypouch™ products, and custom Gallerypouch™ w/ Velcro® or Gallerypouch™ w/ Flap bags can be made up to 50 x 156 inches in size, in quantities as few as one, and with the opening on the long or short side.

4. Are there Minimum Quantities That Have to Be Ordered of Any One Size?

No. Gallerypouch™ bubble bags can be made in quantities as few as one.

5. What Types of Items Can a Gallerypouch™ Store and Protect?

Gallerypouch™ bubble bags can be used to store or protect just about anything you can think of, including:
• Framed Artwork and Mirrors
• Tube-Shaped Art and Other Tube-Shaped Items, such as Camera/Video Tripods
• Lenses and Glass Objects
• Art and Music Cases
• Tripods and Other Camera Equipment
• Furniture, Such as Table Leaves

6. What are Gallerypouch™ Bags Made From?

Gallerypouch™ bubble bags are made from heavyweight “3rd web” (no exposed bubbles, and smooth on both sides) 3/16 inch polyethylene bubble material. Also, unlike most bubble products on the market, the bubbles in Gallerypouch™ bags are very difficult to pop.

7. How do I Choose the Correct Gallerypouch™ Bag Size For My Art or Other Items?

We generally recommend at least one inch of space all around your artwork after placing it in a Gallerypouch™, and to help you determine an ideal size, we’ve created online calculators for flat items, including Picture Frames, Mounted Photos, Stretched Canvas, as well as a separate calculator for Rolled Prints, Canvas, Tripods, and other Tube-shaped Items.

To go to the Calculator page, click here.

PLEASE NOTE: The frame’s outside dimensions, not the frame’s mat size, should be used to determine the size of your Gallerypouch™. For example, a “16×20 frame” may actually be 19×22 inches in size, and will require about a 22×24 inch Gallerypouch™. Click here for a complete list of all available Gallerypouch™ standard sizes: Gallery Pouch™ Sizes.

ORDER HERE: GalleryPouch™ bags are Sold Exclusively at FrameDestination.com

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