(The comments below have been provided by users of GalleryPouch™ Gold premium bubble bags and have been approved by them for use on this website.)

“I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with your product. I show many 32″x42″ framed work at shows, and the pouches are perfect protection.  Also they show others that I have a high level of professionalism. You obviously do too. I have driven my framed work in your pouches all the way to Colorado and back, with no damage. The attached photograph (below) is of  20-32″x42″ framed work, ready to go out to my next show.”


A Collection of GalleryPouch™ Gold w/ Flap Bubble Bags- Photo courtesy Mark Gottlieb

Best regards,


Mark Gottlieb Photo/Digital
Santa Cruz, CA

“Kudos for GalleryPouch!  Yesterday I took down and packed up an exhibition of 25-20 x 24 inch frames from a show at the Princeton, New Jersey Public Library at a leisurely pace—25 frames in 12 Gallery Pouches in approx. 20 – 25 minutes.  I presently own 12-24” x 28” GalleryPouch bags that easily accommodate 2 frames each, face-to-face, separated by cardboard and, in a pinch (though not the best) each can hold 3 frames.  I also own 12 larger GalleryPouch bags, approx. 28” x 40” each of which holds 2 – 24” x 36” prints on dibond with a backer frame.  Each time I pack and ship or take down an exhibition, using GPs saves untold amounts of time and I am much more certain than ever before that my frames and prints are safe and secure in transit.” -Alan Chimacoff, www.chimacoff.com

“Frame Destination’s Gallery Pouches have been a great resource for my Fine Art Photography – they allow me to have custom-sized, water proof, & cushioned storage for my valuable work. At a recent show, I lost several pieces of work due to water damage (read about it here on my blog). Gallery Pouches would have saved my work. I wish I would have had these a long time ago! From now, on I’ll use them at all my shows and exhibitions!”Josh Trefethen Photography

“Having purchased more than 60 GalleryPouch™ bubble bags to protect framed images for art shows during transport, I’m extremely pleased to see how sturdy they are, and how well they hold up. Whether for storage or transport, I place each framed image in its own GalleryPouch™ and use cardboard frame corner protectors for additional protection of the frame corners. From the workmanship of their frames, to their customer service – I am very pleased to see that GalleryPouch™ bags live up to the quality I have come to experience from Frame Destination!”Shelly Katz, Professional Photographer


“Hi all – got my bubble pouch today, and boy, am I impressed. The bubbles are fully encased within smooth plastic sheeting, so that the corners of my large canvas wraps don’t catch on anything as they gently slide down to nestle in the depths of the bag. I could actually put the piece into the bag successfully and easily, all by myself, whereas the process is painful and painstaking using the Uline bubble pouches, with lots of hitches, fits and starts as the corners catch on bubbles, and stick to the product as they sloooowly wend their way into the bag.

The stability of the Frame Destination pouches is amazing – they stand upright all by themselves. The Uline product is sticky, and bendy and falls under its own weight. The seams on the Frame Destination pouch are strong, and smoooooth as a whistle. I can’t attest to their longevity, as I only just got the bag today, and haven’t schlepped my print anywhere yet, much less back-and-forth-and-back-and-forth, but already this bag is head and shoulders above the ones I got from Uline.” –Deb Booth, Artist


“We love the GalleryPouch™! We used it to transport a framed photograph (wood frame and glass). Part of our problem when we were using Bubble Wrap® for the first time was that the screws on the back of the frame poked through and damaged the frame below; a costly lesson. The GalleryPouch seems strong enough to not ever have to worry about that problem, which for us, is huge. So we were very happy with it and its performance, and don’t have any advice or suggestions. We’re happy with it how it is.” – Troy and Penny Gamm


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